My magic

I am very lucky to have inherited a great gift from my family, over the generations. I have also been able to develop my abilities to communicate with spirits, through extended contact in the forest. I have made many trips to many African countries, and have met Shamans who shared their irreplaceable experience. I maintain close communication with four groups of spirits, each specialized in their area of activity: spirits of the water, earth, air, and fire.

I wanted to surround myself with a team of well-known collaborators, whom I selected myself in the countryside in Africa, and who were brought together for their know-how in complementary areas of action. This gives me an incredible dynamic and very strong force for intervention, which enables me to obtain excellent results. Regardless of the nature of your case or its complexity, including: The return of a loved one, love spells, spell breaking-exorcism, occult protection, purification of places and homes, business development, etc. In some difficult cases, if necessary, I will go with you to carry out the work in Africa.


Your Witch Doctor practises voodoo, black magic, red magic, white magic, moon magic, sun magic, and star magic. Voodoo is very powerful magic. Many people think that voodoo or black magic can only be used for evil, but that depends upon how they are used. One cannot generalize, saying that white magic is for good, and black magic is for evil. In these kinds of magic, there are options, like recipes, that one can use to do either good or evil; it all depends upon how they are used.


During my work, the return of a loved one for example, your spouse will feel absolutely nothing, and will not believe that you have called upon my rituals.


Before committing myself to any ritual, I clearly discuss with the customer, and research his or her case to determine which type of magic corresponds best to the desired goal. The approval for the work will be handled by email. I reserve the right to refuse any project if the goal does not fit within my ethics.