Amine tells you about business. If you run a business and come across blockages or encounter a succession of obstacles, if you have the feeling that nothing's going right, you need to ask yourself the right questions: why does everything fail in spite of my consistent efforts? Are my rivals in the same situation as I am, or does everything go well for them? etc.

ln the field of business, there is fair competition, but also an unfair competition, which may result from an occult work, often started by jealousy to try and drive you out of the market. Remote spells and curses are real and can slow down your business, and they can even stop it completely in extreme cases. It is then absolutely necessary to react by occult means, by starting a spell-breaking action and a protection work. You must -fight fire with fire, - because any action which does not rely on spirituality will be doomed to failure.


Assistance in your procedures, in your evolution, in the development of your business, customer attraction, etc.


Amine offers you his assistance, whether you be a business manager, a shopkeeper, or an employee, in order to encourage your evolution in your business or in your job. Amine will study your case, he will look for anything that can block you now or in the future, and he will remove all the obstacles that can prevent the evolution of your business or your career. This individualized work will be followed by a work of protection to get rid of all blockages to come, so nothing occult can have a hold over you, your job, your business or your company anymore.


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